A downloadable Box for Windows

It's a 2d side by side soccer game with physics...that's it!!!! nothing more .In fact they is a host of other games like this one you'd rather be playing.the only thing that makes this game different is catchy music and  a sort of trail effect

The controls are as follows;


  • W-Jump(sort of)
  • A-Move left
  • S-Move Down
  • D -Move Right


  • Up-Jump(sort of)
  • Left-Move left
  • Down-Move Down
  • Right -Move Right

I will constantly update the game

Please do report any glitches

Thank you in advance for playing

Install instructions

Unzip and Play this terrible game


Box Soccer.zip 3 MB


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The game is great, it's physics are very accurate and add a nice touch. But it would be even better if you added an one-player mode against the CPU in my opinion.

This reminds me of Blobby Volley.